If you’re looking to drive immediate traffic to your website, while we optimize your site, OptiMonster can implement and/or manage your PCC campaign. If you currently have a PPC campaign running, we normally can produce twice the traffic you are currently receiving by conducting research, utilizing advanced strategies that other companies are not aware of, by adjusting your keyword phrases, screening irrelevant results, and continually looking for less expensive keywords that produce the same or better results.


What is PPC or Pay-Per-Click?


Pay per click, commonly called PPC, SEM, or Search Engine Marketing is where you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. These ads are placed primarily in the ‘Sponsored Links’ area of Google™, Yahoo™, Bing™, and other search engines. You can also place ads in banners on other sites, which will also have a cost every time someone ‘clicks’ on these advertisements.


When someone goes online to a search engine, such as Google, in order to search, that user must input a keyword, or keyword phrase. The cost per click, in other words, what you would pay for that click is determined primarily by the competition that ‘bids’ for the keyword.


Every ad used in a PPC or SEM campaign is utilizing a specific keyword or keyword phrase to qualify traffic. A plumber might use the keyword phrase ‘toilet repair’ or even more specifically, a plumber in New York City might use ‘toilet repair new york ‘ and you can bet that at least 20 other plumbers are also using that keyword in a PPC campaign.


Another example, if we, OptiMonster were using PPC to drive traffic to our site, to generate leads for our product/service, we might use the keyword SEO. There are literally tens of thousands of companies that are bidding for that keyword, so that can be a very expensive keyword and PPC campaign.


If you want to be at the top, you have to pay more than anyone else. If you want to be third, or tenth in the sponsored link space on Google, then you will pay less than the ad above you, but more than the ad placed below you. And, you can determine what you want to spend.


And anyone can show up on the first page with a sponsored, pay per click ad. But are you showing up where you need to be and using the correct key phrases?



Quality vs. Quantity – why quality is always more relevant!


‘Quality’ refers to website traffic that is well-targeted. This means that visitors to your site, those prospects that are clicking on your ad are:


     1. Searching for your specific product and/or service offering.
     2. Looking to purchase that specific product or service now, or in the near future, not some student looking to do research.
     3. In your immediate service area – if you are an electrician or a doctor in Washington D.C., someone in Virginia or Maryland might be relevant,
         but someone in California is just costing you money with no results.


‘Quality Traffic’ produces a higher percentage of quality customers, which will usually result in more business. Part of the service we produce is Conversion Rate Analysis, where we determine which clicks turn into leads.

The experience, industry knowledge, and ongoing efforts to continually keep abreast of new techniques and innovations in our industry, enables and empowers us to identify problem areas others may not have noticed. Sometimes all it takes is for OptiMonster to tweak a few things to decrease the cost of your PPC campaign and increase the level of clicks, conversions, and quality leads. Isn’t that what you are looking for?

Please call us today, and let us help your business succeed.